• Management Pack:  Operations Manager
  • MP Version:  6.1.7695.0 for 2007 R2
  • Released:  11/23/2010
  • Publisher:  Microsoft

Operational Data Reporting submission failed Rule

  • ID:  Microsoft.SystemCenter.OperationalDataReporting.SubmitOperationalDataFailed.Alert
  • Description:  Alert generating rule for when Operational Data Reporting fails.
  • Target:  Root Management Server Emulator
  • Enabled:  On Essential Monitoring

Overridable Parameters

Parameter Name Default Value Description Override
Priority 1  
Severity 1  

Run As Profiles


Alert Details

Message Priority Severity
Operational Data Reporting failed Medium Warning

Rule Knowledgebase


The process of uploading Operational Data Reports failed.


There are several possible causes for this failure:

  • Insufficient disk space or incorrectly configured credentials can cause errors such as "Failed to log an event to the event log", "Failed to create manifest file", "Failed to create output directory for reports" or "Failed to write rendered report to disk"

  • SQL Server Reporting Services or SOAP failures can cause errors such as "Failed to list reports in folder"

  • Incorrectly configured environment variables or corrupt/missing Dr Watson client can cause errors such as "Failed to get path to temporary directory" or "Unable to determine if Watson (dw20.exe) is installed."

  • Dr. Watson (dw20.exe) failures such as "dw20.exe failed with the following exit code: 1".


Depending on the exact cause of this issue, the following should be attempted to correct it:

  • Clear disk space

  • Re-configure the Run As execution account

  • Verify SQL Server Reporting Services is running correctly

  • Verify the %temp% environment variable is correctly set

  • Verify the dw20.exe application is available. For example under: %programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DW

  • Verify the Root Management Server is connected to the Internet

  • Verify the Root Management Server is connected to the SQL Reporting Services computer

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