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  • Management Pack:  Operations Manager
  • MP Version:  6.1.7695.0 for 2007 R2
  • Released:  11/23/2010
  • Publisher:  Microsoft

Run As Profiles

This Management Pack version does not contain run as profiles

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A review of the update with an introduction to its new features and changes is added.

The new features include:

• the “Agents by Health State” report (which will list all agents, management servers, gateway servers and the root management server grouped by their current health state);

• the “An alert subscription has been automatically disabled due to invalid configuration” rule;

• the “WMI Service Availability” aggregate monitor and the “Windows Management Instrumentation Service” unit monitor to examine the state of the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service (winmgmt) on agents;

• rules that can be enabled in place of monitors that require manual reset of the health state (for more information, see Manual Reset Monitors).

The author provides a link to all necessary hotfix the user should have before installation.

shantal@list.ru at 10/26/2011 3:26:32 PM