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  • Management Pack:  Exchange Server 2010
  • MP Version:  14.0
  • Product Version:  2010
  • Released:  4/6/2011
  • Publisher:  Microsoft

KHI: Scom agent failed to send perf data to SCOM. Issues may be occurring that are not being properly reported. Monitor

  • ID:  _5DE75C0D_427C_4232_BA65_A2762A31C7B4_
  • Description:   
  • Target:  Server
  • Enabled:  On Essential Monitoring

Operational States

Name State Description
Success Success  
Error Error  

Overridable Parameters

Parameter Name Default Value Description Override
Timer Wait In Seconds 259200 Time to wait in order to change the state of monitor to green state.

Run As Profiles


Monitor Knowledgebase

This discovery does not contain any summary.
This unit monitor does not contain any causes.
This unit monitor does not contain any resolutions.
External References
This monitor does not contain any external references.

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Database Copies Integrity: Suppression
Hello Mhamoud,

The Worth state refers to Availability monitor "Exchange services". It means that Health Rollup Policy of Availability monitor "KHI: Database copies integrity suppression" is determinated as "Worth state of any member".

admin at 2/18/2013 1:54:01 PM
Database Copies Integrity: Suppression
Could you please Explain the mentioned diagram for example the "80%" and "worst" refere to what ?
mahmoud.hanafi@orascomci.com at 2/17/2013 8:43:47 AM
Agents SMS

You may also check how to send SMS from MS Exchange 2010 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway:


wilson.lastimoza@gmail.com at 5/22/2012 7:35:12 AM
Follow the link to take needed actions before importing Exchange 2010 Management Pack:

igrudina@viacode.com at 12/28/2011 3:08:56 PM