• Management Pack:  Microsoft Azure ARM
  • MP Version:
  • Released:  7/12/2017
  • Publisher:  Microsoft


The Management Pack for Microsoft Azure enables you to monitor the availability and performance of Azure resources that are running on Microsoft Azure. The management pack runs on a specified server pool and then uses Microsoft Azure REST APIs to remotely discover and collect performance information about the specified Microsoft Azure resources. This management pack focuses on the collection of performance metrics made available by Azure Services that use Azure Resource Manager. Azure Active Directory is used for authentication to the Azure REST APIs. This management pack queries the Azure REST APIs to enumerate the resources running in an Azure subscription and the performance metrics that are available for each resource. Virtual machines, web roles, and worker roles are able to store events and performance counters into Azure table storage using Azure diagnostics. If these resources are configured to use Azure diagnostics, this Management Pack can collect these events and performance counters. As soon as new Azure services are released (and older services are moved to the new Azure Resource Manager), they will be discovered automatically. As soon as the services expose performance counters via the metrics API, they will become available for collection. The MP guide includes information about what's new in this version of the MP.
Microsoft Azure classic virtual machine. Microsoft Azure role. Microsoft Azure slot. Microsoft Azure cloud service. Microsoft Azure media service. Microsoft Azure mobile service. Microsoft Azure service bus. Microsoft Azure traffic manager. Remote application. Microsoft Azure domain name. Microsoft Azure SQL database. Microsoft Azure storage account. Microsoft Azure virtual machine (non-classic). Microsoft Azure Insights Alert Rule Microsoft Azure service in resource group. Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Microsoft Azure resource group. Microsoft Azure subscription. Microsoft enterprise management manageability test. All Microsoft Azure Monitored Resources All Microsoft Azure Monitored Subscriptions Microsoft Azure Resource Pool Computer Group Microsoft enterprise management manageability function. Microsoft Azure backup. Microsoft Azure template for monitoring wizard

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