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  • Management Pack:  SQL Server
  • MP Version: for SQL Server 2008
  • Released:  10/15/2015
  • Publisher:  Microsoft

Cannot retrieve row from page by RID because the slotid is not valid : DEPRECATED Rule

  • ID:  Microsoft.SQLServer.2008.Cannot_retrieve_row_from_page_by_RID_because_the_slotid_is_not_valid_1_5_Rule
  • Description:   
  • Target:  SQL Server 2008 DB Engine
  • Enabled:  No

Overridable Parameters

Parameter Name Default Value Description Override
Priority 1  
Severity 2  

Run As Profiles

SQL Server Default Action Account

Alert Details

Message Priority Severity
Cannot retrieve row from page by RID because the slotid is not valid Medium Critical

Rule Knowledgebase


This error occurs when an object to which this row belongs is in error. The problem was detected during the reading of a specific row from that logical page. This error can occur as a result of:

Hardware problems, especially problems with the hard drive, controller or hardware write caching.

Other errors in the database.

This rule does not contain any causes.

Execute DBCC CHECKDB to determine the full extent of the error. Also check the error log for other errors such as 25xx messages, which often accompany this error.

If DBCC CHECKDB issues other error messages, resolving those messages first may take care of this error. Execute DBCC CHECKDB with the REPAIR_REBUILD clause to repair the damage.

Important: If executing DBCC CHECKDB with the REPAIR_REBUILD clause does not correct the index problem or if you are unsure what effect DBCC CHECKDB with the REPAIR_REBUILD clause has on your data, contact your primary support provider.

If executing DBCC CHECKDB with the REPAIR_REBUILD clause does not resolve all table error problems, determine which table is affected by examining the page in the error message. If the page is associated with an index, you may be able to resolve the problem by dropping and then re-creating the index. If the page is a data page and a clean current backup is available, restore the database from the backup.

If no backup is available, select the table into another table or bulk copy data out of the table, drop the table, re-create it, and then select data back into the table.

If you suspect a hardware problem, run hardware diagnostics and correct any problems. You might find it beneficial to perform a completely new setup, including reformatting the disk drives and reinstalling the operating system. Also examine the Microsoft® Windows NT® application log to see if the error occurred as the result of hardware failure.

Finally, be sure that your system does not have write caching enabled on the disk controller. If you suspect this to be the problem, contact your hardware vendor.

External References
This rule does not contain any external references.

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