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Active Directory cannot update object due to insufficient memory Rule

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Alert Details

Message Priority Severity
Active Directory cannot update object due to insufficient memory Medium Critical

Rule Knowledgebase


The Active Directory® directory service could not update an object on the local domain controller with the changes that were received from the source domain controller. Active Directory does not have enough database version store capacity to apply the changes.

Sample Event:

Active Directory could not update the following object on the local domain controller with changes received from the following source domain controller. Active Directory does not have enough database version store to apply the changes.

Object: %1

Object GUID: %2

Source domain controller: %3

Additional Data

Error value: %5 %4

This rule does not contain any causes.

Restart this domain controller. If this does not solve the problem, increase the size of the database version store. If you are populating the objects with a large number of values or the size of the values is especially large, decrease the size of future changes.

External References

For more information, see:

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