New in this release: - HANA Host Availability Monitor Monitors SAP Host Control Agent connectivity on each discovered HANA Host - HANA System Effective Watcher Node and HANA Connection Host discovery HANA System object now has 2 more properties that are periodically updated by the discovery. Effective Watcher Node property reflects the current Watcher Node hosting the object (in case of Resource Pool assignement) Actual DB Host reflects the efective HANA DB Connection Host (in case of failover to the backup nodes)
SAP HANA Volume Cache SAP HANA Host SAP HANA System Volume SAP HANA Volume File SAP HANA System Service SAP HANA System

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Posted : Wednesday, August 20, 2014 9:17:45 PM(UTC)

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- Simple Deployment Options and Configuration:
Deployed as a standard Management Pack via Operations Console
Use SCOM Operations Console to configure monitored HANA Systems and install the license keys
Use SCOM "Run as" accounts for HANA Monitoring Credentials
Monitor HANA from any Management Server or Agent
- Buil-in Failover functionality
Failover between multiple HANA Nodes
Use Management Server Resource Pool for workloads load-balancing and failover
- Heterogeneous HANA Support
Connect to HANA Systems running on any platform, be it Linux or any Unix
- Low SCOM Footprint
Utilizes Managed Modules for speed and high efficiency
- Minimal Prerequisites
SCOM 2012 SP1 or R2
Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit or Windows Server 2012

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