The Team Foundation Server TFS 2008 Management Pack monitors exposed services of TFS. This management pack includes event rules and monitors. It is designed to proactively monitor quality and availability of TFS services and even automate recovery in some scenarios.
TFS Application Tier This contains all of the SQL databases that are relevant to the TFS instance. TFSWebServiceForBuild TFS's Analysis Services Instance The TFS Reporting Service Instance The SQL instance of the TFS - also called the Data Tier. This class represents the TFS Build Web Service that exists on the Application Tier The Workitem Tracking Web Service of TFS This is the build server on which components are compiled and tested - the typical build machine The Version Control Web Service The Warehouse Web Service of TFS SERVICE - a generic WebService under the TFS application Tier. Defines the basic properties of computers running Windows operating systems A base class for all of the TFS Web Services An installation of a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Engine.  The database engine hosts databases and other SQL Server components. All Microsoft SQL Server 2005 distributors.  The distributor is a component used in SQL Server Replication. All IIS Web sites that are running on the Windows 2003 version of Internet Information Services (IIS). This is the WSS portal that TFS uses to store Project documents

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