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MP TunerMP Tuner

MP Tuner. Smooth and smart override management.
Get in One Click what you usually get in 20 clicks.

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MP Tuner is a productivity tool that makes SCOM Operations Manager a much better monitoring solution.

  • Override Table. Filterable, sortable and editable grid of existing overrides.
  • Effective Table. Filterable, sortable and editable grid of overrideable parameters’ effective values.
  • Parameter Map. One view editable representation of a parameter overrides for the entire data center.
  • Override Set. Editable set of override values that can be applied to object, class, group or entire data center.
  • Integration with MP Wiki

New in,


  1. UI Improvements
  2. Fixed minor issues
  3. Parameter Map Improvements: supporting of Effective Overrides for instances

New in,


  1. Improvement of Performance
  2. Added Workflow List functionality
  3. Fixed minor issues

New in,


  1. Integration with System Center Operations Manager Console
  2. UI improvements
  3. Fixed minor issues

New in,


  1. Improved UI
  2. Fixed minor issues

New in,


  1. Enabled ability to cancel overrides of override set in one click
  2. Added case-insensitive filtering
  3. Improved UI
  4. Fixed override set issues

New in,


  1. Added Move Override to other MP functionality
  2. Fixed refresh functionality after editing Override Value
  3. Fixed Override Set validation functionality
  4. Improved UI

New in,


  1. UI is improved
  2. Parameter Map issues are fixed
  3. Representation of default columns for Override and Effective Tables are changed
  4. Effective Table: default value/effective value columns are highlighted now
  5. Effective Table issue with representation of full path for objects is fixed

New in,


  1. Improved delete functionality
  2. Fixed issues for the "Microsoft.SystemCenter.2007" management pack
  3. Improved UI

New in,


  1. Fixed asynchronous issues on effective map
  2. Improved performance for edit actions
  3. Improved UI

New in,


  1. Improved user experience
  2. Fixed issues

New in,


  1. Support for both connection via SDK and direct connection to OpsMgr DB
  2. Improved "Connect to Management Server" experience
  3. Improved performance of operations

Download MP Tuner Installation Guide