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Collect .NET CSM Statistic/% of Performance violations/sec Monitor

  • ID:  Microsoft.SystemCenter.Apm.CsmTransaction.PerformanceRateMonitor
  • Description:  Collect .NET CSM Statistic/% of Performance violations/sec performance counter
  • Target:  Client Web Transaction
  • Enabled:  No

Operational States

Name State Description
Success state Success Monitor success state
Warning state Warning Monitor warning state

Overridable Parameters

Parameter Name Default Value Description Override
Frequency $Target/Property[Type="AL!Microsoft.SystemCenter.Apm.TransactionBase"]/PerformanceRateMonitorInterval$  
Threshold $Target/Property[Type="AL!Microsoft.SystemCenter.Apm.TransactionBase"]/PerformanceRateMonitorThreshold$  
Number of Samples 3  

Alert Details

Monitor State Message Priority Severity Auto Resolution
Warning state (Warning) .NET CSM Statistic/% of Performance violations/sec exceeded the threshold Medium Match Monitor Health Yes

Run As Profiles


Monitor Knowledgebase


The instance state becomes unhealthy if the rate of client-side performance events per defined time period exceeds the monitor threshold.


Transaction client-side performance alerts are generated when the rate of performance events exceeds the configured monitor threshold.

This counter reports the number of times a webpage or Ajax call in the monitored application exceeded the acceptable load time per second.

Excessively long network request times might be due to an unbalanced network.

Long server processing might be due to complex or inefficient source code.

Page loading time performance issues might occur because of either large page size or a large number of java scripts.

Long Window.OnLoad performance issues might result from long JavaScript handlers execution.


A typical long page load call can be caused by an unbalanced network, long server processing time, long page loading time, or Window.OnLoad time.

External References
This monitor does not contain any external references.

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