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High Number of Password Change Request Failures Monitor

  • ID:  Microsoft.ActiveDirectoryFederationServices.10.0.FederationServerHighNumberPasswordChangeRequestFailureMonitor
  • Description:  High number of password change request failures
  • Target:  Federation Server
  • Enabled:  Yes

Operational States

Name State Description
RepeatedEventRaised Warning  
TimerEventRaised Success  

Alert Details

Monitor State Message Priority Severity Auto Resolution
RepeatedEventRaised (Warning) High Number of Password Change Request Failures Medium Match Monitor Health Yes

Run As Profiles


Monitor Knowledgebase


This monitor checks for repeated password change request failures.

If the same failure happens more than 10 times per minute, a warning alert will be raised.

If no errors occur again within 15 minutes, the health state of this monitor will change back to Green and the alert associated with it will be dismissed automatically.


Possible causes for password change failure include the following:

  • The old password provided is not valid.

  • The new password provided does not meet the length, complexity, or history requirements of the domain.

  • The user account provided is not found in Active Directory.

  • The domain controller is not reachable.


Possible resolutions for this condition include the following:

Check event log and look for User and ErrorDetails information.

If the failure is due to invalid password, contact the user to resolve this issue.

If the failure is due user account not found in Active Directory, it could be user typed the wrong user name, or the user account was removed.

If the failure is due to domain controller not available, contact domain controller administrator.

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