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SQL Configuration Database Unavailable Monitor

  • ID:  Microsoft.ActiveDirectoryFederationServices.10.0.FederationServerRemoteSQLServerPingMonitor
  • Description:  SQL Configuration Database Unavailable
  • Target:  Federation Server
  • Enabled:  Yes

Operational States

Name State Description
Success Success  
Error Error  

Overridable Parameters

Parameter Name Default Value Description Override
Interval (seconds) 300 Interval (seconds)
Timeout (seconds) 180 Timeout (seconds)

Alert Details

Monitor State Message Priority Severity Auto Resolution
Error (Error) SQL Configuration Database Unavailable Medium Critical Yes

Run As Profiles


Monitor Knowledgebase


The AD FS configuration database is unavailable. This monitor will ping the SQL server or check wid sql service status every 5 minutes. If the AD FS configuration database is available, the monitor will change to a Green state and the original warning alert will be resolved automatically.


The SQL server is not available.


Verify that the SQL server is available if configuration store is sql server or verify wid sql service is running if configuration store is wid. For more information, see "Verify network connectivity" and "Verify that the Federation Service can connect to the AD FS configuration database" in the AD FS Troubleshooting Guide.

External References
This monitor does not contain any external references.

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