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Token Issuance Class

  • ID:  Microsoft.ActiveDirectoryFederationServices.10.0.TokenIssuance
  • Description:  Token issuance
  • Class Hierarchy: 
    Active Directory Federation Services Base
    Federation Server Base
    Token Issuance

  • Attributes:  Public, Hosted
Attribute Store Load Failure Attribute Store Rule Processing Error Certificate Private Key Inaccessible Error Duplicate Name Identifier Federation Passive Service Communication Error Global Catalog Server Connection Error LDAP Connection Error LDAP Global Catalog Server Error LDAP Lookup Error LDAP Server Query Error MEX Endpoint Is Unreachable Relying Party Encryption Certificate Error Relying Party Signing Certificate Is Not Valid SQL Attribute Store Query Execution Error WS-Trust Request Processing Error This monitor captures errors for OAuth authorization and token requests failures SAML Request Processing Error Token issuance Authentication

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Display Name Description
Display Name Display name of monitoring object.
Relying Parties Relying Parties
Token Signing Certificate Thumbprint Token Signing Certificate Thumbprint

Discovered By

Name Description
Federation server discovery Federation server discovery


Health Source
Entity Watched By Perspective Entity Reference

Health Target
Authentication hosts token issuance Token Issuance Hosting

Class Knowledgebase

This class does not contain any summary.
External References
This class does not contain any external references.

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