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IIS Admin Service availability Monitor

  • ID:  Microsoft.Windows.InternetInformationServices.6.2.ServerRole.NTService.CheckServiceState.Monitor
  • Description:  IIS Admin Service availability
  • Target:  IIS 8 Server Role
  • Enabled:  On Essential Monitoring

Operational States

Name State Description
Service Running Success  
Service Not Running Error  

Overridable Parameters

Parameter Name Default Value Description Override
Alert only if service startup type is automatic   This may only be set to 'true' or 'false'. If set to 'false', then alerts will be triggered no matter what the startup type is set to. Default is 'true'.

Alert Details

Monitor State Message Priority Severity Auto Resolution
Service Not Running (Error) IIS 8 server role is unavailable. Medium Critical Yes

Run As Profiles


Monitor Knowledgebase


This monitor checks the status of the IIS Admin service (IISADMIN). If you receive an alert from this monitor, action is required in order to bring the service back to an operational state.

Operational States:

The IIS Server service (IISADMIN) can be either in a "Service Running" or "Service Not Running" operational state.


A service can stop for many reasons, including:

  • The service was stopped by an administrator.

  • The service was prevented from starting because the user account could not be authenticated.

  • The service encountered an exception that stopped the service.

  • The service was improperly configured, which prevented it from starting.


If the IIS Server service (IISADMIN) is not running you can diagnose the issue or restart the service by taking the following actions:

  • Check for additional service-related alerts that might have occurred concurrently. These alerts might help better identify the reason why the service entered a stopped state.

  • Review the event logs on the managed computer, and correct any underlying problems that might have caused the service to stop unexpectedly.

  • Use the following Task to attempt to restart the service.

Start IIS Administration (IISADMIN) Service

External References
This monitor does not contain any external references.

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