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DNS 2003 Zone Class

  • ID:  Microsoft.Windows.DNSServer.2003.Zone
  • Description:  DNS 2003 Zone
  • Class Hierarchy: 
    Configuration Item
    Logical Entity
    Application Component
    Windows Application Component
    DNS Server Application Component
    DNS Zone
    DNS 2003 Zone

  • Attributes:  Public, Hosted
DNS 2003 Configure Authoratitive Servers Monitor DNS 2003 Confirm The Service Version Monitor DNS 2003 Reinitalize Zone Transfer Monitor DNS 2003 Zone Resolution Monitor DNS 2003 Zone Running Monitor DNS Library WINS TTL Monitor DNS 2003 Zone DNS Domain DNS WINS Connector

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Display Name Description
Active Directory Integrated  
Allow Updates  
Asset Status Asset status
Data File  
Display Name Display name of the object.
Host Name (Key)  
Master Servers only valid for a secondary.
Name Servers comma delimited list
Notes Notes
Object Status Object status
Primary Server Name  
Reverse Zone  
Serial Number  
Use WINS  
WINS Servers WINS Servers
Zone Name (Key)  
Zone Transfers  
Zone Type 1=DS integrted,2=primary,3=secondary

Discovered By

There are no discoverys discovered this class.


Health Source
DNS Zone hosts WINS Connector DNS Zone Hosting
Owned By User Configuration Item Reference
Affects Customers Configuration Item Reference
Serviced By User Configuration Item Reference
Contains Configuration Item Configuration Item Membership
Is Related to Configuration Item Configuration Item Reference
Config Item References Location Configuration Item Reference
Entity Watched By Perspective Object Reference

Health Target
Domain Contains Zone Relationship DNS Zone Membership
DNS Server hosts Zone DNS Zone Hosting

Class Knowledgebase

This class does not contain any summary.
External References
This class does not contain any external references.

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Collect Zone Delete Events
hi , this rule is showing enabled in my SCOM 2007 ,but its not wokring.

It is not collecting any data
rgupta1983@gmail.com at 11/23/2016 1:15:56 PM